Back January 13, 2017

What to Expect from 2017

This is not an article about predictions, market or tech trends, not even about resolutions; instead, it speaks about what we hope 2017 will bring us as a team, to our audience, and to the ThinkOut platform as the result of our efforts and enthusiasm.



The first thing we expect to gain in 2017 is clarity. It may sound as a paradox, as we actually build the platform for managers to gain more clarity in their decisions and there you have us, wishing for more clarity. But there is no oddity in our wishing. We do want to see more clearly how things function around us. We seek to understand better what the managers for whom we build this platform expect. What are their pains in terms of business and how can we build a product that eases them?



We expect to narrow the distance between you and us. Behind coding lines, interfaces, design, text and especially numbers lie voices, laughter, ideas, doubts. We face the same challenges and share similar dreams with all of you, entrepreneurs, out there. That is why our wish for 2017 is to get to know you better, talk more, be there, with a piece of advice and a helping hand.



Making ThinkOut a great product for those managers of creative small businesses is our focus. That’s why we started all this. But in our strive to build something awesome, we focus much on details, often on the steps to follow, the process, a line of design or code, the comma in a text. We are perfectionists, can’t help it. So this year we want to keep more the focus on what matters, the big picture – how can ThinkOut best offer support to its users?


…and finally



In a race of getting better and gaining more, we just want to be ThinkOut – the team, the vision, the ears to hear, the eyes to observe, the voice to offer support. We expect 2017 to bring us the Clarity, the Closeness and the Focus to support us in being our true selves as a team and fulfilling our mission. In a word – become.

Author: ThinkOut