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Plan, sketch, build

Much similar to a fort, a fort-like business is often a team of as few as one, there to protect a core idea and build a winning business plan. And maybe, just maybe – a business empire. Stand your ground, get to work and look ahead with confidence.

In a fort-like business, resources can be scarce and such things as forecasts or financial flow structures may seem to be things belonging to a far future. But just because budgets are not yet large does not mean that they should not be treated as if they were. Huge.

That’s actually the first step to getting there: believing. Then planning, sketching and building your business accordingly. This is where you can and should pick up our tool and have a closer look at all things money.


Your business journey starts here

Building on a shoestring? No problem!

Track your cash accounts in real-time

Ditch the static spreadsheets and create a dynamic roadmap that fuels your business ideas.

Leverage the default category structure

Save time and ensure consistency by using our pre-defined categories for income and expenses.

See the future, shape the future

Add forecasts that can give you the foresight to become a financial visionary for your startup.

Your business journey starts here

Lay the groundwork for a thriving business, one strategic step at a time

Craft a rock-solid financial plan

Because even the sturdiest fort needs a blueprint, you can sketch your budget and plan your growth brick by brick.

Know your cash position at all times

Before learning to manage your resources like a seasoned strategist, see how you're doing at the moment.

Master your cash flow

Get a comprehensive view of your financial landscape by looking at your cash flow and checking your inflows and outflows in the blink of an eye.

Usage sketches

Explore various business foundations


Just as a tower offers a panoramic vantage point, a tower-like business thrives on a holistic perspective.


A citadel-like business thrives thanks to a highly informed team focused on securing long-term growth and consolidation


In a polis-like business being everywhere all at once is essential. So you really can’t settle for – it’s impossible. What you can do is build anew. From the inside out.

A tool for those who build. Businesses.

ThinkOut helps you monitor and measure your company's financial health. Ready to build your business?