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Achieve clarity of your data


Multiple default category templates

Select pre-defined category templates to suit your business's specific needs, expediting setup.

Tweak category structure

Define your custom categories to align perfectly with your business needs and ThinkOut will automatically categorize all your transactions.

Labels to track your activity

Apply labels to transactions for enhanced tracking and organization, facilitating detailed financial analysis.

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Effortlessly organize your data

Counterparties to track business partners

Track and categorize transactions by counterparties and get insights into key business relationships.

Rules for automation

Implement automated rules to categorize, label, and assign counterparties & more to transactions based on predefined criteria, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Quick overview on dashboard

Get a concise summary of your data directly from the dashboard, providing instant insights into your financial status.

Filter and export data

Easily filter and export data for in-depth analysis or external sharing, empowering comprehensive financial management.

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Check all transactions in one place


Customize your budget structure

Cash flow

Consult your cash plan


Connect your bank accounts

Turn data into insights

Stop struggling with unorganized information. ThinkOut's classification, labeling, and categorization features help you transform raw data into actionable insights.