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Plan your business growth with care


Plan your revenue and expenses

Sketch your game plan and set realistic targets by planning your monthly revenue and expenses.

Track results in real time

Monitor your budget performance in real time and make proactive adjustments to achieve your financial goals.

Track results in real time

Overview of past period accuracy

Align your budget with your long-term goals and find out if you’re reaching your objective. Check if your actual financial results reach or exceed the target you set.

Overview of past period accuracy

Plan the growth

Build a financial plan that allows you to grow

Cash position if targets are met

Assess your cash position relative to budget targets to ensure your financial objectives are on track.

Customize your budget structure

Tailor your budget structure to match your business's specific needs and priorities, optimizing financial planning.

Quick overview on dashboard

Gain immediate insights into budget performance through a summarized view on the dashboard.

Export budgets

Export your budgets for easy communication with team members or other stakeholders.

Plan the growth

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Anticipate the evolution of your cash flow


Quick analytics


Get in-depth KPIs


Play with scenarios

Don't let your plans gather dust

Easily convert plans into actionable budgets, ensuring your financial strategy is clear and achievable.