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Build your business.
Brick by brick.

One financial decision-making tool that enables you to map, plan, analyze, foresee, monitor and manage your business cash flow.

Wait a sec! What are you building over there?

You're ready to do some serious work, no doubt about that. Let's see how ThinkOut can fit best in your management toolbox.

Wait a sec! What are you building over there?

See the plan

Real-time overview of your financial performance

All your transactions in one clear view

Leave Excel behind as you start to focus on sharpening your view with one tool that automatically integrates bank and multiple source data for you to know what you’re building with.

Inflows and outflows labeled as you see fit

Set your business bricklaying processes according to your specific needs, defining your own inflows and outflows categories, highlighting both your spendings and revenue streams.

Inflows and outflows labeled as you see fit

Entire financial snapshot within your reach

Keep a close eye on your financial flow patterns and their trends to foresee what types of future resources you can rely on when sketching your business's next-level blueprint.

Entire financial snapshot within your reach

Plan the growth

Business deep dive for real deal planning

Build forecasting capabilities

Simply add your next inflows and outflows and use this one tool to integrate them whilst automatically associating bills with your bank transactions for a smooth bricklaying process.

Draw out your budget in detail

Having your financial objectives in mind, map estimates for each budget category and be constantly in the know if you’re hitting that level up high score and projecting beyond.

Draw out your budget in detail

Harness sketching power

Be able to sketch or resketch a new business-level blueprint any time of day or play out a potential risk scenario of an investment red flag before it hits your foundation.

Harness sketching power

Grow informed

In-depth understanding of building parameters

Know your brick, mortar and money

When building up, any fluctuation in raw material intake will influence the shape and size of your business – keep it on the chosen track by knowing your short-, medium- and long-term financial flow evolution.

When accuracy meets precision

Not much use for accuracy without precision on a building site, which is why it is essential for you to access specific financial reports to tweak, tinker, tilt, or even reframe your business footprint.

When accuracy meets precision

Put effort into building, not finding out

Save your effort for that next business level you are already charging and use one single tool to know exactly just how much you sold and how much you are about to spend.

Put effort into building, not finding out

Inform the team

Team cohesion as business substructure

Connect to project team-built success

Building a business is no easy task, but rather a truly heavy load, one to be shared with a trusted team, strengthened by real-time connection, converging diverse perspectives and knowledge sharing.

Connect to project team-built success

Frame your multi-business space

Managing multiple businesses takes in a lot of resources, but it does not mean it should take up more than one single space, providing you with integrated consolidated financial results across firms.

Frame your multi-business space

Choose to use ThinkOut

You—a business builder. ThinkOut—your business-building tool. Not just yet? See for yourself what the right business financial decision-making tool will enable you to do.


Building together, inch by inch

There are many things we love about ThinkOut, but if I had to pick one, it’s the forecasting area, which allows us to have a single source of truth for all the projects we’re going to invoice for.

Tudor Stanciu

Co-founder @ Ventures n Law

ThinkOut is the tool that helps us daily to see, in real time, the financial situation of the company. We analyze, forecast, and make decisions more simply and easily using the tools provided in the application.

Ana-Maria Cazaciuc

Operations Manager @ Mind Architect

We believe that any & all businesses should implement ThinkOut to keep up with their cashflow scenarios & better understand the numbers that build their business. Also, they are fantastic at customer support.

Andrei Munteanu

Co-founder @ Cowork Timișoara

Within 30 minutes I had everything set up, with bank accounts integrated into ThinkOut. I can say that was the ‘aha’ moment, and since then, I can’t imagine how we could operate without the clarity it offers us.

Paul Harfaș

Co-founder @ Octavic PTS

ThinkOut helps us make decisions about ourselves as a company, assists us with planning, budgeting, provides us with clear expense tracking, and helps us answer important questions for our business.

Cristina Zeamă

Chief Financial Officer @

The time saved, well-thought-out templates, customization possibilities, and the reports you can generate from the tool are pure gold for an entrepreneur. I have been using ThinkOut for over 3 years and I recommend it with full responsibility.

Gabriel Comorașu

Co-founder & CEO @ Grădinița "Maniera Montessori"

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Strategic partnerships

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Our journey so far

A tool for those who build. Businesses.

ThinkOut helps you plan, monitor, and measure your company's financial health. Ready to build your business?