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Monitor, manage, consolidate

Yup, much as a polis or city-state, a polis-like business is an evolved form of organization that has become a real-deal multiplayer micro-universe in need of agile structures and constant real-time data. Maintain stamina and play to win… business sector domination?

In a polis-like business being everywhere all at once is essential. So you really can’t settle for – it’s impossible. What you can do is build anew. From the inside out.

New monitoring, managing, and consolidating structures, connecting and gathering every single piece of data your business exhales. And you only need one tool to do that. You’ve got it.


Building with the right tool

Keep an eye on your build

Tailored multiple workspaces

Imagine building a campus with dedicated buildings for each department — create modular workspaces, organizing different business units, projects, and teams with ease.

Access rights management

A construction site needs clear roles and responsibilities. Empower your team with granular access controls, ensuring that each user has the appropriate permissions based on their role.

Monitor your building site at all times

Monitor real-time balances, incoming and outgoing funds, track expenses, and make informed decisions to keep your business on track.

Building with the right tool

Leverage all insights at hand

Use past budgeting accuracy

Gain valuable insights from past budgeting efforts to inform future decisions. Analyze historical data to identify trends, evaluate performance, and refine your budgeting strategies for maximum efficiency.

Centralized data management

Consolidate all your business data into one centralized tool, providing a unified view of your finances.

Comprehensive reporting

Whether you need to assess profitability, or track KPIs, you can access insightful reports that offer a full view of your business.

Integration and automation

Streamline your flows and enhance productivity by connecting your bank accounts, importing invoice lists, and adding recurring forecasts or other cash accounts.

Usage sketches

Explore various business foundations


A citadel-like business thrives thanks to a highly informed team focused on securing long-term growth and consolidation.


Just as a tower offers a panoramic vantage point, a tower-like business thrives on a holistic perspective.


Much like a fort, a new business is often a solo mission, built to protect a core idea and launch a winning plan. It's where dreams of empires are born.

Cash flow tool for those who build. Businesses.

Get the right solution that provides the clarity and depth you need to make informed decisions.