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Manage your inflows and outflows with ease


Revenue and expenses tracking

Integrate your data from different sources to have a clear overview of your flows and drill down to transaction-level data.

Organize your transactions

Have a better grip on your current financial situation by categorizing, labeling and filtering your data.

Automation rules

Set up automated rules to streamline transaction categorization and labeling, assigning business partners, marking transfers or excluding transactions from analytics.

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Gain real-time visibility into your financials

Search, filter, sort, play

Organize your transactions to your liking. Sort by date, amount, payee, category, or any other relevant detail in seconds.

Export filtered list

Export specific subsets of your transaction data based on filters you apply, enabling tailored analysis and reporting.

Export filtered list

Import file from third party

Effortlessly import transaction files from banks or other third-party sources, keeping your data centralized.

Import file from third party

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Gain real-time visibility into your financials

Mark transfers between accounts

Clearly identify and track transfers between accounts, maintaining accurate records of your financial movements.

Exclude transactions from analytics

Choose to exclude specific transactions from analytical calculations, allowing for focused insights.

Split transactions

Easily split transactions across multiple categories and labels, providing detailed breakdowns for precision and accuracy.

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Explore other benefits


Say goodbye to manual work


Automated reconciliation suggestions


Get in-depth insights


Build your category structure

Say goodbye to data entry headaches

ThinkOut tracks your income and expenses in real time, providing a clear picture of your cash flow and allowing you to make informed financial decisions on the fly.