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Cash flow

Get a better understanding of your numbers

Cash flow

Real-time insights at a glance

Check the cash flow plan to learn from the past and focus on the future. Check the previous results and the ones you've predicted to see where you're headed.

Past data, present status, future looks

Analyze historical data to understand trends, assess your current financial health, and forecast future cash flow to anticipate potential roadblocks or opportunities.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Customize the timeframe, currency, and level of detail for your cash flow analysis. Tailor your view to get the specific insights you need.

Grow informed

Gain a crystal-clear view of your cash flow

Consolidated view of your finances

Bring together all your financial data from various accounts into a single, unified platform for effortless cash flow management.

Filter for clarity

Focus your analysis on specific areas of your cash flow using customizable filters. Track account balances, compare cash flows, drill down into granular details, or get a high-level overview, depending on your needs.

Export your data

Easily export your cash flow data for in-depth analysis in other spreadsheets or data visualization tools.

Grow informed

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Analyze your commercial activity


Add an extra layer of clarity


Anticipate the evolution of your cash flow


Quick analytics

Simplify cash flow management

ThinkOut consolidates your financial data into a single platform, providing a holistic view of your cash flow and making informed financial decisions a breeze.