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Map, shape, build

A tower stands for its elevated point of observation, just as in a tower-like business a few good men, provided with a whole perspective, are there to record what, why, and how for a precise business blueprint. Of course, you can scale it up into a castle.

In a tower-like business, visibility is key. The most important thing to know when deciding on where to go next is to know where you actually are. Now. And in business, now means in real-time.

Because turf moves, the potential grows, businesses slide from side to side, and map, shape, and build are matters of continuous movement. What does this tool right here provide? A vital overview.


Elevate your vision

Real-time insights to fortify your strategy

Effortless automation

Automate your bank connections for a secure and effortless way to manage your finances. Say goodbye to manual data entry errors and hello to peace of mind.

Tailored for your needs

Tweak the category structure to perfectly match your business needs, then categorize your revenue and expenses with precision.

Revenue and expense tracking

Track your revenue streams in real-time, analyze spending patterns, and pinpoint areas for optimization.

Elevate your vision

Predict and conquer

Utilize recurrent forecasts to anticipate future trends and make proactive decisions that propel your business forward.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Invite stakeholders to access the platform, fostering transparency and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Dashboard deep dive

Monitor key performance indicators displayed on a comprehensive and completely customizable dashboard.

Get real-time analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your business landscape, with real-time analytics empowering you to make data-driven decisions that optimize every move.

Elevate your vision

Level up your flows

Track your progress, adapt, and conquer

Set clear financial goals, allocate resources efficiently, and track your progress toward business growth.

Model your future

Simulate different situations and see how your cash flow reacts. Make informed decisions based on how potential outcomes play out.

Use smart automation

Free yourself from repetitive tasks and define clear rules for categorizing and labeling your data, assigning business partners, marking transfers, or excluding transactions from analytics.

Usage sketches

Explore various business foundations


A citadel-like business thrives thanks to a highly informed team focused on securing long-term growth and consolidation


Much like a fort, a new business is often a solo mission, built to protect a core idea and launch a winning plan. It's where dreams of empires are born.


In a polis-like business being everywhere all at once is essential. So you really can’t settle for – it’s impossible. What you can do is build anew. From the inside out.

A tool for those who build. Businesses.

Take control and build your empire, one strategic move at a time. Start building your command center today.