Team – ThinkOut—Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting


We know that small businesses make the world go round – that’s why we think it’s very important for them to grow. Starting as a project based agency, for years we have been a part of the entrepreneurial community, delivering digital solutions for others, constantly struggling with numbers and spreadsheets; thus, we know exactly the burdens small businesses face day by day.

Therefore, we’ve decided to create a dedicated platform for SME managers in order to make informed business. ThinkOut is the result of the work of a team of young people motivated to build a product of their own, developing a solution for entrepreneurs which can help them to grow their businesses.

Cristi Bârlădeanu


Cristi has dreamed about creating digital products since his high-school years. For more than 12 years he has explored the digital world by working with well-known agencies and clients worldwide, mixing business consultancy, technology and creative services. Promoter of entrepreneurial culture, he has dedicated the past years to local tech start-ups aiming globally.

Sorina Miron

Communication Assistant

It’s hard not to get influenced by the energy and enthusiasm Sorina brings in every morning. She translates the same excitement into her research, writing and dialog with customers. If she’s not at the office, reading the latest news on Digital Marketing, you can surely find her at different events, supporting our community.

Bogdan Mihai

Web Developer

Passionate about web technologies, Bogdan finds his motivation in discovering solutions to any difficulties regarding the process of creating a digital product. Although you often see him deeply sunk into those lines of code, he’s always ready with a joke to remind us to relax from time to time.

Bianca Antohe

Administrative Officer and Team Engager

A people person, very much passionate about human resources and getting things done, Bianca is the helping hand that ThinkOut needs to get things right. When she's not dealing with the administrative part, she focuses on how we can work better as a team. She knows how to turn from a formal type of person into the funny, "engager" one really fast.