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TO #2 How to easily track my business expenses?

May 20, 2021
TO #2 How to easily track my business expenses?

Keeping track of your business outflows is as important as monitoring your cash collections. Turn it into a habit in order to gain more control of your cash fluctuations over time and have updated data about your current cash available.

Need a fast answer to questions like Do I have enough money to pay all my bills this month? Stay on top of your spendings and make sure you understand your business from a financial perspective.

The management of your inflows and outflows is faster and easier in ThinkOut, the cash flow management platform for entrepreneurs.

TO #2 How to easily track my business expenses?

What do you have to do?

  1. Connect your bank accounts in ThinkOut. If your bank is currently not supported, import Excel files. Download your bank statements from your internet banking platform and upload them in ThinkOut.

  2. Import your transactions from the last months.

  3. Verify and confirm the automated categorisation of your imported transactions.

  4. You can choose to edit and configure your category structure based on your specific business needs so it will be easier to track your top costs month by month.

  5. Analyse the last transactions imported in ThinkOut in order to have an overview of your current financial situation.

  6. Start planning your future inflows and outflows to check if you have enough money to cover the next operations.

  7. Match your cash predictions with actual transactions from your bank account. ThinkOut will help you to keep an eye on your overdue forecasts so you don’t have to check the invoices all the time.

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