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ThinkOut, 250.000 investment through the angel investors network in Romania

June 18, 2021
ThinkOut, 250.000 investment through the angel investors network in Romania

“There has to be a better way to do cash flow planning in order for us to be able to make better business decisions.”

Having this in mind, in 2016 we started building ThinkOut, the platform that makes the cash flow management process more simple and more intuitive.

Until today, we have gone through 4 versions of the product, we established our business in 3 countries, and we have been through countless experiences that have shown us how challenging startup life is.

We are proud to announce that we recently concluded a new investment round. We received € 250,000 through the angel investor networks TBNR Accelerator Iași, Transylvania Angels Network, and Vestra Industry. Our goal is to further develop the product based on the opportunities brought by Open Banking standards, to strengthen the partnerships in Romania, Hungary, and Poland, and to reach as many entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe.

We understand and share many of the dilemmas that small companies are facing because we are also part of this world as we work with and for small and medium companies. Cash flow indicates the health of a business and many entrepreneurs already know how important it is to carefully monitor all inflows and outflows. A regularly updated cash flow plan helps the manager to have a wider image of his finances, to be up to date with the daily cash available, and to be aware of the next cash movements.

We want to provide entrepreneurs with a tool that helps them to better understand that cash flow planning requires attention and is useful if you do it well and if you invest enough time to get something good out of it.

Moreover, we want ThinkOut to become a support tool for managers who need to make informed business decisions in a timely manner. The platform was designed to automate the entry of data that entrepreneurs usually do manually, to provide information as accurately as possible about the fluctuation of income and expenses streams, and to quickly identify liquidity problems if necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to help small and medium business managers make informed decisions so that they can grow their business as healthy as possible.

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