Back August 26, 2016

On Air. Getting Grounded

ThinkOut is on air. Online, to be more exact. In other words, we launched our cash flow management platform. Here.

People usually write this kind of articles right after the launch of a product to reveal the tremendous, unexpected success they hit, the huge amount of leads and shares. It finally gets to summing up the ”recipe” for their success, the x steps for how to get the same success. Which is perfectly fine, some aspects may apply, from others we can learn a lot and get inspired.

This is not that kind of article.

Instead of coming with lists of steps on how to launch a product, let us tell you how it feels to launch a product and how you handle those thoughts and emotions. It’s just like handling a cash flow plan (now that we’re at it): no use to have all those values (stages, procedures) if you can’t put them in context, integrate into a vision, understand and manage them.

Now let’s see how it felt like: great, exciting one may think. Yes, it was exciting and not so much in the same time. Not that we are not happy about it, but call us paranoids – we were rather cautious and anxious than enthusiastic.

Preparing the product for launch was a long journey through which we learned the meaning of “grit”.

“GRIT is that mix of passion, perseverance, and self-discipline that keeps us moving forward in spite of obstacles” as the quote by Daniel Coyle says it in this article.

We finally reached the day when we said: OK, it’s done, it’s right for the launch, let’s put it on the table. We won’t lie to you, by this time we got too tired to feel much emotion in the first place. But spirits went up as we saw ThinkOut online, ready to be “taken for a spin” and as we shouted to the world (our specific public, actually) to “kick the tires!”.

No “butterflies in the stomach” or “floating” feeling, though. We were “on air”, but this brought our feet straight on the ground. We realized that from this point on, we weren’t on a playground any longer; no more “let’s try this and see what happens”. People will actually use it, buy it, so we’d better pay all our attention to how well our product behaves, how well we can be of assistance for ThinkOut’s users. Suddenly we realized that all the hard work beforehand was a piece of cake. The real tough job starts now, as we begin to deal with real situations, real people, specific needs. No more hypothesis. Reality happens. And for that, we need to get down from “air” and stick to the ground, ready to act.

That’s why excitement was replaced by frisky thoughts, anticipation, planning the next steps and getting ready to react, to adapt, to complete our vision.

So anchor us more into reality and feed our thoughts with your own about how you experience ThinkOut. Sign up and let us know how it goes.

Author: ThinkOut