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As an entrepreneur, you deal with risks and uncertainty every day. We wish for ThinkOut to become your trusted advisor whenever you seek a reliable financial picture of your company to guide your business decisions.

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Bank Integration

When you connect your bank accounts to the ThinkOut account, the platform automatically retrieves the transaction information and fills it in the corresponding income and expense categories of the cash plan. This way it becomes fast and easy to monitor the overall revenue and payments.


Based on the transactions history, ThinkOut builds forecasts of Income and Expenses for the following months. You can adjust them at any time or add your own estimations. It’s the way to stay in control of your finances and take action in good time.

Edifying Dashboard

Right after you sign in to ThinkOut account, you are able to see the total balance for your connected bank accounts, the revenue and expenses of the past three months or the cash runway, given the current balance and the expense rate.

Explicit graphics

For a more in-depth cash flow analysis, ThinkOut translates the transactions data into easy to understand charts that shine more light on how the income and expenses are structured and evolve.

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Income and Expenses

The cash inflows and outflows are monitored in a cash plan, which is filled in either automatically, through the bank integration, or manually, on a predefined (customizable) structure. It provides a detailed view of how cash flow is reflected in your business activities: revenue from sales, salary payments, taxes, office or transportation costs etc.


Using filters for the cash plan is a good way to follow specific information such as what transactions were made from a particular bank account, how much did it cost the office heating during the winter months or how much money it is spent on gas. It’s this kind of details that can help you run the business more efficiently and make smart choices in the future.

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Automated Currency Conversion

Even though your business transactions take place in different currencies, you can still easily monitor them in the ThinkOut account. The conversion is automatically calculated based on the currency you choose to display the data.

Work With Your Team

ThinkOut is a collaborative platform, so you can work together with your colleagues to keep a close eye on your company’s cash flow. You can delegate the updating of the cash plan, so that your employees get a better idea of how the business works.

What do you think

We build ThinkOut to solve your cash flow management troubles, so who, rather than yourself, knows better what the platform should do? Get actively involved in developing a tool that suits your business and management style as well as possible.

Tell us what you think we should add or remove, what features need improvement. Do you have any difficulties in using it? Do you see a different approach? Don’t be shy, we’re here to listen. Be sure all your recommendations are taken seriously.

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