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Understand how money moves your business

Cash Flow Analysis for Small Businesses

The online platform that helps you understand how the company performs in no time. ThinkOut sums up the transactions history and frees you from the table and formula hassle.

Get the general view of the business performance over time
Know at any time how much money is left in all your accounts
Control the costs and revenue streams by analyzing their structure and evolution
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Gain time, precision and clarity

With ThinkOut it becomes easy to keep track of the money movement in real time. You don’t need to stress any more about numbers, tables, accounting files. You’ll know precisely how your company resources are spent and how each revenue stream performs. Fast, smoothly, worry-free.

Learn right away how efficient your business is

The platform automatically imports and groups the transactions from your bank accounts history. You can check in detail how the company uses its finances by taking a look at the cash plan. For a quick overview, check the summary in the Dashboard and the Analysis section.

Keep track of all your bank accounts, no matter the currency

With ThinkOut you can check all the transactions from accounts at different banks, in various currencies. You can check the balances of all your bank accounts in the same place and find out the available sums at that moment. You can choose the view currency and the platform will do the conversion.

Use a quick and safe tool

To connect to the bank accounts, ThinkOut employs a tool provided by a leading developing company who has the largest cover in Europe. This solution allows our platform to import the transactions from the bank account’s history immediately, in a secure manner. It is already connected to 2500 financial providers in 55 countries.

Quick data import

We have global coverage of 59 countries and over 2600 banks

How it works

ThinkOut gives you the overall look on the business in 3 simple steps:

Connect your bank accounts

If you work with any of the banks listed above, connect directly or upload the bank account statements. You only need to click on your bank and enter the same credentials as on the online banking platform.

Check the transaction history

ThinkOut imports the transactions of the past months up to the current moment from your connected bank accounts. The transactions are automatically assigned to pre-defined income and expenses categories. If you need to, you can change the category to better suit your activity.

Analyze the results

ThinkOut interprets the data that was imported and you can see the results in three different sections: the Dashboard - with the activity summary, the Cash Flow plan and the Analytics - with more details displayed as charts and indicators.


You can choose a monthly or a yearly subscription. Either choice, you have 30 days to try ThinkOut for free and decide if it is the right solution for you. During this trial period you can cancel the subscription at any moment, no charges and no obligations.

9 EUR Monthly subscription
  • Unlimited connected bank accounts
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited invited users
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90 EUR Yearly subscription
Gain 2 months for free
  • 2 months for free in addition to the 30 days trial period
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ThinkOut in a nutshell

Overview of your business

ThinkOut makes it possible to check the performance of your company at a glance, in just a few simple steps. The analysis of the revenue and payments draws an accurate, in time picture of the business, so you always know where the company stands, what to expect and what needs to be done.

For a more in depth view, you have the cash flow plan with transaction details per day/week/month. Here you’ll find all the transactions organized on revenue and expense categories. You get to see in detail what was operated in a specific day, week or month and on every business area (sales, salaries, transportation, office supplies etc.).

In a matter of minutes you see the financial situation in a Dashboard with relevant charts and indicators. On a single screen you’ll have the net result, the total balance for all your bank accounts, the period of time it can cover the current expense rate (cash runway) and the revenue and costs of the past months.

Analizezi situația veniturilor și cheltuielilor din grafice și rapoarte ușor de citit. În secțiunea Analiză găsești un sumar explicit al activității, situația conturilor bancare, structura și variația încasărilor și plăților lunar.