ThinkOut—Cash Flow Management Platform – Make informed business decisions with the intuitive tool for tracking, planning and forecasting cash flow.

Cash Flow Management Platform

Make Business Decisions With Clarity

ThinkOut is the collaborative cash flow management platform which helps you to minimize the cash flow risk, make informed decisions, compare scenarios, forecast and keep your business solvent.

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User Advantages

Why Choose ThinkOut

Informed decision making.
Clear and thorough

With ThinkOut it’s easier to see what actions you should take to keep your cash flow balanced. You have all the data you need in one place, at one glance. Data analysis, reports, scenarios, prioritized costs, they are all meant to support you in keeping your business sound and profitable.

Work together

ThinkOut is a collaborative platform. You can delegate cash flow entries to different members of your team; this way it gets much easier to keep the cash flow record up to date. Your cash plans stay private, available only to your own eyes and to the eyes of the colleagues you invite. Know where your business stands at any point and what needs to be done next.

Build and compare cash flow scenarios

Employ income and cost predictions in different scenarios and compare the results. Test different business decisions. See how they impact your cash flow and which choice is safer.

In For The Long Run

They Shape ThinkOut

True partnerships

These businesses were looking for a dedicated solution to better manage their cash flow. They found it in our ThinkOut platform. They trusted us to give them the necessary perspective to face their everyday challenges.

Their feedback and experience as users help us to constantly shape the platform, so it fits real business requirements. By listening to our clients, we want to develop ThinkOut into the favorite tool of managers who look for a rigorous control of the cash flow.

Selected brands from our personal pool of experience:
Profile: Outdoor Advertising Specialised in providing outdoor advertising on the local and national market, our clients encounter a bit of an issue when it comes to controlling a large amount of transactions. When you’re intermediating between a client and a supplier, you have a great financial responsibility. Tracing cash transactions is mandatory, that’s why they chose ThinkOut as a helping hand. This way they know exactly what sum needs to be paid or cashed in on what day and how they can negotiate terms of payments.
Profile: Management Consultancy They have so far provided management consultancy for over 150 grants along more than 10 years. Yet still, no matter the experience, the issues which can occur are more complex than one could imagine. Working on long term based projects, cash flow forecasting can become really difficult. Late payments are never a joy, especially when they come in tranches. We know uncertainty is the thief of business delight and keeping your money on a leash doesn’t bring any fulfilment. That’s why ThinkOut comes in handy when we talk about helping our clients with operating long term transactions.
Profile: Leadership Development They are a team of startup-ers who want to make a difference in the IT industry by serving SMEs and large companies through leadership development. Passionate about their work, they don’t want to lose track of what’s happening with their own business, especially now. Informed decision making, that’s what they aim for, and that’s just what ThinkOut has to offer them. On the other hand, the collaborative part of ThinkOut helps the Introspecials management team to keep their cash flow record up to date.
Profile: Information Technology The young, 70 employee company has a project based activity which faced rapid growth during the past year. Exciting as it is, there are two sides of the same coin: it increased the pressure on allocating financial resources. Until those new employees become productive, the company has to juggle with cash reserves and increase sales. Delayed ROI and the uncertainty of the IT industry don’t get along well. Which is why they use ThinkOut to avoid cash flow gaps, learn how to prioritize expenses and how to plan income; and also decide when it is safe to grow further.


ThinkOut grows organically with every feedback we get from you, our users. It develops step by step and adapts to what you need. Here you can track our progress in implementing new features:

Marketing and Communication

Landing page

04 apr 2016 - completed
Research and Analysis

1-to-1 interviews and surveys

02 jun 2016 - completed

Alpha version

14 jun 2016 - completed

Beta version

26 jul 2016 - completed

Prospecting and initial sales meetings

04 aug 2016 - completed feature
Marketing and Communication

Website launch

25 aug 2016 - completed

Application access for beta-subscribed users

25 aug 2016 - in progress