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Discover what ThinkOut knows so far and will soon learn, in order to turn cash flow control from a don’t-want-to-hear-about subject into a nice-to-talk-about experience.

We designed the platform to welcome users with an easy onboarding process. The guide helps you with the first steps and the presettings give a clear idea of how to start.

From the time being, we taught ThinkOut what it needs to know first so it can be of real help. We’ll keep developing the platform to become a savvy, intuitive tool to support everyday business decisions.

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Make It Personal. Build Your Very Own Transaction Structure

The way you run the company is very much your own and the differences lay in the details. You can customize the cash plan to match your specific business style. Add Income and Expenses groups and categories, use different currencies and recurring transactions. Build the structure that works best for you.

Track the Cash Flow. Make Accurate Forecasts

Revenue and expenses are easy to track by status, date, recurrence, currency. ThinkOut points out the difference between what you assumed would happen and what actually happens. Forecasted, actual and overdue values appear in different colors so you can compare what has been completed and what is expected.

Build and Compare Different Scenarios. See Which Way Goes Up

Making decisions is tiring and uncomfortable, especially when it comes to business. We believe we found the solution in the multiple scenarios feature. Starting from the main cash plan, you can build several others by adding or hiding transaction categories. Use it to test various business hypothesis and identify the cash flow plan which works best.

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Work Even Less with the ThinkOut Bank Settlement

You’ll have even less transactions to update because ThinkOut will get the data automatically from your bank. No more sums missing from the cash flow plan; it will all be there, with accurate values and dates. That means more time to analyze the data and think of the business strategy; or simply for hobbies and dear ones.

Label Transactions. Track and Filter Using Your Own Criteria

You can assign transactions to a certain bank account, project or client, so you can track sources of revenue and expenses easier and more accurate. Imagine you could see exactly how much revenue a project brings compared to its corresponding costs and if it’s worth continuing it. Or you could track how much money goes in and out of a particular bank account.

Work Together with Your Team. The More the Merrier

Invite your teammates to join ThinkOut directly from your account and work together to keep the cash flow plan updated. Think of the time gained or the motivation boost when you empower people with responsibilities. The changes made by all users are recorded in the Activity log.

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Activity. A ThinkOut TO DO List

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember where you left your car keys, not to mention bills to pay and invoices to set. So we thought to give a hand. In the Activity section you see the overdue transactions, as well as the planned ones for the current and upcoming periods. To make sure you don’t miss any, you also receive this list as email notification.

Reporting. Boring Numbers Turn into Colorful Graphs

Data is valuable, but it is more important to understand it. ThinkOut turns your data into graphics that put things into perspective. a clearer perspective on how to keep the business up and running. And nicely growing. The cash flow data you enter so devotedly translate into charts and statistics that tell you whether to step on it or lay back and relax.

Next on the agenda

Prioritise Expenses and Dribble the Cash Flow Gap

Cash is a limited resource, just like so many others; at some point the infamous Zero Cash Date will get close. To avoid a cash shortage, you’ll be able to rank expenses based on your own priorities and ThinkOut will point out which can be paid first. We’ll also offer advice on which costs should be a priority for your business.

What do you think

We build ThinkOut to solve your cash flow management troubles, so who, rather than yourself, knows better what the platform should do? Get actively involved in developing a tool that suits your business and management style as well as possible.

Tell us what you think we should add or remove, what features need improvement. Do you have any difficulties in using it? Do you see a different approach? Don’t be shy, we’re here to listen. Be sure all your recommendations are taken seriously.

So write to us: office@thinkout.io